Kiwanis Adventure Runs

"Accept the Challenge"

Route to Parking (Purple)

Path to Registration (Yellow)

Arrive Early!


One mile drive from Park Entrance. (Purple Path)

900 foot walk from parking to registration.  (Yellow Path)


Path from Parking to Registration      


 Registration, Start, & Finish Area

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 Both runs use the woodland trails (in Green).  The Green is the 5K (3.1 miles) run.  The  woodland terrain portion hard packed vehicle roads, grassy trails, dirt/mud, soft sand, and sugar sand.  Some spots could be very muddy and slippery depending on the weather. 

The 5 mile continues addition 2K (in Blue) to and on the Honeymoon Island.  Course is subject to change depending on conditions.  The beach portion varies with beach rocks, soft shell, hard and soft sand.  No portion of the course is in the surf. 

Both courses are challenging.  Depending on the weather or conditions on Honeymoon Island the course may be altered raced day.

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